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Control Center provides real-time visibility of your fleet in large format

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View critical events throughout your fleet in real-time with managed Control Center displays.

Accelerate decision making with actionable, just-in-time information.

React quickly to urgent situations and avoid problematic situations before they arise.


Live vehicle locations with breadcrumb trail


Live weather and precipitation layers available


Driver Challenge


Compliance alerts


HOS violations and drivers with unverified logs


Expired DVIRs and ongoing DVIR defects

Get in touch to learn more about available formats and pricing

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Always on when you need it

  • Plug and view, no intervention required

  • Automated schedule and content

  • Smart signage made to run up to 24 hours / day

  • Improved viewing experience with ultra bright displays

  • Multiple formats available, from 32" to 85"

  • 3 year warranty

Control Center: Winter Operations

Winter Operations can be critical to your fleet or agency. Control Center leverages your Geotab and GIS data to track route completion along with key metrics. See your progress at a glance in key office locations.

+ Material totals, distance and spread rate for each route

+ Can be repurposed between events or out-of-season

+ Live service map using gradient scale

+ Live vehicle locations with breadcrumb trails

+ Live weather and precipitation information

+ Overall route progress

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Get in touch to learn more about available formats and pricing